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Ищу работу.
derrickman wrote in rabota

E-mail: hot_tuna(bow)
Location: Moscow
Relocation is possible


Fluent English
Technical English. Oil & Gas Industry (Upstream, pipeline integrity & diagnostics)
Oral & written Arabic.

Advanced Oil & Gas vocabulary (English):
Pipeline inspection projects, in-line inspections; piping system inspections; stress-and-strain state.
In-line inspection and in-place pipeline cleaning technology: calipers, intelligent pigs, scrappers (launching/receiving).

Advanced military vocabulary: general vocabulary, standard radio traffic, aviation.

Advanced PC user (MS Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)
Typing: English, Russian, Arabic (if Arabic keyboard is available)

Driving license (Russian Federation).
International driving license.
Moscow Resident.
Foreign passport.


1996 - 2001 Moscow State Linguistic University. Faculty of Liberal Arts. Qualification – International Relations. English, Arabic

2002 - Refresher Course for headquarters officers Armed Forces, HQ Certificate.
1999 - Successfully completed training program in the University of Cairo (Egypt), Certificate.

Work Experience

TNK-BP, Operations Maintenance Excellence Department
Pipeline Integrity Management Projects. Cathodic Protection, Inhibition. Pipeline Replacement Program, HSE issues.
Written & oral (sequential) translation. Business-plans, specifications, regulatory docs.
Translation support at construction sites (Western Siberia). Inspection trips.
Translation support in HQ (Moscow)

06.2005 – 10.2005
CJSC "DIGAZ", Development Department


Oil/Gas Pipeline Inspection Projects in Saudi Arabia.
Methods of Non-Destructive Pipeline Inspections.
In-line Inspection Projects (intelligent pigs/inspection scrappers/, caliper-scrappers etc).
Written translation of the technical documentation: scope of work; terms & conditions; technical design assignments for pipeline inspection projects.
Project Management.
Coordination of consular issues with the Saudi Embassy.

03.2004 - 05.2005
Selena LLC (Russian department of Transparent Language

Linguistic Manager

Multi-media language learning programs for English-speaking users.

Proofreading/text editing, testing of beta-versions.
Leading specialist of the following projects: Kurdish (Sorani), Iraqi Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA):
Scripts and dialogs for linguistic training films (language learning software); accumulation of the necessary vocabulary, script translation from English into Arabic; proofreading; casting of native speakers; development of self-check exercises; sound recording and sound check; text annotation.
Production manager, linguistic consultant at the film set.
Educational projects for peacekeeping forces and humanitarian agencies.

07.2001 - 07.2003
Armed Forces, Signal Corps (Communication)
Chief of the department (first lieutenant)

Military interpreter (oral & written translation of special texts, English)
Chief of the On-duty Crew

09.1996 - 07.2001
CJSC “M-Bis-Press” (Moscow) (production of TV programs, advertising agency)
Distribution Manager

- distribution of video materials for regional companies;
- distribution of central TV channels advertising time;
- assistance in commercial blocks production;
- assistance in making out plans of advertising campaigns.
- interpreter (English)


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